Why am I getting an error when I subscribe to the newsletter?

If you’re signed into WordPress or have another email account associated with WordPress, the website may bring you to that account instead of the email used to subscribe to the newsletter. To resolve this issue, try subscribing on a different browser or on another device. Clearing the browser cache can also work as well. If the error persists, please contact us at contact@harvardcabletv.com, and we will help to find a solution.

How do I get a direct video link?

After selecting the desired video, click on the video title in the upper left hand corner of the player. This will take you to the video’s Vimeo page. Then scroll down below the video’s title to the “Share” button, which will provide a shareable link.

Where can I find a live broadcast/livestream?

If we are covering an event live, such as a Town Meeting or Bromfield graduation, we stream it on our YouTube page and broadcast it to one of our cable tv channels. You can check the following channel schedules for broadcasting times:

I searched for a video, but it doesn’t show up. How do I find it?

The search function is very specific, so the video’s title may be slightly different from what was searched, such as a different date format. Try using broader terms or different words that the title might have instead. If the video still can’t be found, please let us know at contact@harvardcabletv.com, and we will help you locate it. There is also a chance that the video has not been uploaded yet, and we will let you know.

Why does an error appear when I try to watch a video?

Sometimes a video that is in the process of uploading will appear on the website before the upload has completed. This may cause an error when trying to watch a video on that page. The issue will likely be resolved when the upload finishes. If the error persists after several minutes, please let us know at contact@harvardcabletv.com.