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Special Announcement

Charter Cable Contract Public Hearing: Wednesday, January 25th at 7pm on Zoom

Harvard Cable TV (located in the Bromfield School) allows public, educational, and government users to create local programming, and we receive funding and other support from Charter as required by our license with the Town. The license comes up for renewal in 2025, and at this time we can seek new or expanded support for this local access. To identify local access needs, a Hearing is being held to hear from the public (including senior citizens and students), community groups, businesses, government officials/employees, and the public schools.

What does locally-produced cable TV mean to you? How do you use it? How does it benefit you, and how can we improve it? We’re looking for YOUR comments that speak to the importance of local access cable TV in keeping our community informed. We hope to see you there!

Join On-Line:
Meeting ID: 870 0585 7351

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Staff-Senior Basketball (2005)

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