About Us

HCTV promotes the local creation and sharing of video media by partnering with the Harvard Schools, Town organizations, local sponsors, and individual residents.

We provide the tools, training, and transmission for you to share your ideas through video. Volunteer with us to learn new skills and connect with the community by recording local events. Email us to learn more!
Make your next TV show by requesting equipment and/or studio time!

The Committee manages the funding and operation of Harvard’s three public access Cable TV channels, as well as the Town’s facilities for broadcast, recording, and training.

Brittany Blaney- Station Manager
Hristina Tasheva- Station Operator
Judy Wong- Volunteer
Kaia Bishop- College Intern
William Hopper- College Intern

Committee Members:
Nick Browse- Chair
Chris Jones
Robert Curran
David Henderson

Public Meetings
The HCTV Committee holds a public meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
The agenda and the minutes of those meetings are filed at the Town website: Agendas Minutes

HCTV Policies